– Business planning for corporate projects
– Summarize information, analyze data and make reports as directed by the Director.
– Organize, organize, remind, prepare documents according to the schedule for the Director.
– As a bridge between Departments / employees in the company and the Director. Communicate instructions / information to relevant departments, units, units, and receive feedback / supervision from the supervisor and report the progress of implementation and final results to the Director.
– Implementing reception / transaction / drafting of external documents as required.
– Supporting the implementation of personnel work, maintaining and developing the company culture.
– Carry out the personnel administrative work at the request of the Director
– Perform other duties as assigned by the Director.
– Ready to go on business trip as required by superiors.
*General requirements:
– Good at communication (Vietnamese and English)
– IELTS 5.5 or above
– Flexible working can work overtime is an advantage
– Ready to learn, absorb quickly
– No experience required * Skill:
– Effective teamwork, presentation and persuasion skills.
– Communication skills, good problem solving, intelligent and sensitive.
– Know planning, being proactive at work.
– Being organized and organized in work, accurate and definitive but reasonable in practice.
– Proficient in office IT: Word, Excel, Power Point, Internet..v.v.

– Hard salary: 12-15 million
– Allowances for parking, per diem, … according to the company’s regulations
– Approving salary increase 1 year / time according to the company’s regulations
– Promotion opportunities are not limited to qualified employees

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