The journey to find the answers to “where does Japanese quality come from” helped the four founders of Van Vina us find each other at the Vietnam-Japan Human Resource Development Center, where the agency is fit. Japan – Jica built in Vietnam to train Vietnamese entrepreneurs who are passionate about Japanese style corporate governance.

More than three years of short and long-term courses under the dedication and guidance of the top leaders of Panasonic Japan Corporation helped us understand somewhat the spirit of Japanese entrepreneurship in the interests of the nation and the people. ethnic groups make importance, take Quality – Price – Progress as a goal. And the most important thing is that we are aware of our goal to create the best products to contribute to the community and society. Products of Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people, for Vietnamese people.

With the support of the Japan International Cooperation Agency – Jica, the connection and business fire of the Keieijuku Vietnam business community, the sustainable cooperation with the business partners of valve and hose manufacturing enterprises of Japan on production technology and business market, CP Vina Joint Stock Company is making daily efforts to develop Japanese quality Japanese valves and taps to contribute to the removal of Chinese valves and taps. Vietnamese territory, and the dream of building a “Proud van Viet” through exporting products to Japan and internationally.


Van Vina was established with the desire to apply Japanese-style business management knowledge to create Japanese-quality Vietnamese products to contribute to the localization of Vietnam’s valve and hose manufacturing industry and export. international.


We choose the brand “Sekino” – expressing the aspiration of the founders in building a “Proud van Viet” leading in the field of exporting products to Japan and globally.


Saving foreign currencies for the country through not having to import, because the products we produce and increasing foreign currencies for Vietnam through global export activities.

Always wanted to become a sustainable development partner with Japanese enterprises.

Contribute to building an image of Vietnamese people: Autonomy – Self-Help – Self-improvement.