Forerunner of Hoang Son Commercial Investment Energy Construction Joint Stock Company is Hoang Son Construction Company Limited (referred to as Hoang Son Company) established on March 19, 2001 under the Business Registration License. sales 2502000031 – Department of Planning and Investment of Hoa Binh Province. The initial size of the Company was just a small office, more than 20 officials and employees, with a small capital, despite difficulties, hardships, working in extremely difficult conditions, lack of sufficient roads. , Company leaders along with officials and employees “started” from the works of health stations, electricity, schools, roads, canals of low value, scattered in localities in the province and Other provinces such as Son La, Yen Bai, Vinh Phuc, Phu Tho … even, there are constructions in remote areas that are not profitable but the Company is still determined to implement, firstly for the purpose of An. Social and later affirmed his prestige and brand.

During the course of operation, it is impossible to mention all the accumulated difficulties as well as unforeseen obstacles that all employees of the Company have had to overcome from the start-up days, so far the company has affirming its prestige, position and brand in the field of construction – trade. In order to survive in the increasingly competitive market and meet the increasing demands of the market as well as the continuous development of the country, the Company has built its own strategy, in which the focus is investing in high quality human resources, fostering and improving the qualifications of officials and employees; The company constantly innovates technology, equips with modern construction machinery and equipment, and applies scientific and technical advances to renovate construction methods in the direction of modernity and advanced. Thereby, it has created credibility with investors, at the same time created a solid foundation for the company to develop in new conditions.

With the motto “Consider people as the central factor to decide success, prosperity and sustainable development”, so the Company’s leaders always care about the lives of employees, by specific jobs. such as expanding production scale, diversifying business types, contributing to creating stable jobs and increasing income for employees of the Company. This is clearly reflected in the activities of organizations such as the Party cell, Trade Union and Youth Union of the Company, and from these well-organized organizations, the Company has focused collective intelligence, enthusiasm, solidarity and comprehensive development.

Social development, the company also constantly receives new opportunities, 2007 is the time marking the breakthrough development of Hoang Son Company on a new level, a new position. On 11/4/2007, the Company was assigned a heavy but extremely honorable task by the People’s Committee of Hoa Binh Province, to be the Investor of Suoi Nhap – Dong Chum Hydroelectric Project; In 2009, the Company opened Hoang Son Building Materials Center, specializing in distribution of construction materials, interior and exterior equipment … for construction and installation in the market of Hoa Binh and the Northwest region. Also in 2009, the Company started investing in construction of urban area and real estate, establishing Real Estate Trading Floor; In 2010, the Company launched the Quarry Mining Project for construction materials. In 2010 the company acquired the entire Urban Environment Company of Hoa Binh City. In 2012, the company has invested in two more projects (Hoa Binh City Sports Complex and Thac Bo Temple Spiritual Tourism). The company has established many branches and subsidiaries in Hanoi, Binh Dinh and many locations in the districts of the province …

10 years of operation is also a process that Hoang Son Company constantly improves its management apparatus and workforce, so far the Company has more than 1,000 officials, engineers, experts, employees and workers. labor with in-depth knowledge and experience. The company has built many large projects inside and outside the province. In 2013, the company expanded its operation area to the southern region with the participation in the project “Investing in construction and expansion of National Highway 1 from Km 1212 + 400 to Km 1265 in Binh Dinh and Phu Yen provinces. in the form of a BOT contract ”. In the context of difficult economy, many construction enterprises have to dissolve or operate stagnant, this event has marked the outstanding development of the company, affirming the prestige and brand Hoang Son has been trusted and well received market.

With outstanding results in business activities and social security, Hoang Son Investment Construction Energy Trading Joint Stock Company has received many noble awards for always fulfilling the obligation to pay the State budget. countries such as Excellent Emulation Flag, Certificate of Merit from the Prime Minister; The award “Vietnam Golden Star” in 2010 – 2011 and in the TOP 200 Vietnam Brands, TOP 10 “Typical Brand – Trademark of Construction Industry”; Top 10 Typical Vietnamese Entrepreneurs; Business Cup for the community; Typical Enterprise Cup of Hoa Binh Province and many