CEO -  Nguyen Dao Vinh

Ladies and gentlemen !

A country with more than 90 million people like Vietnam, the desire to produce goods for the domestic market, pushing imports from China out of Vietnam's border is a legitimate aspiration. And these are practical actions showing the sense of self-respect and national self-reliance.

To succeed in a career, we must have a goal along the way we have been and will go. For Vina valves, that is how to produce "Made by Vietnam" faucet valves so that the country will not spend foreign currency on importing these products. The cooperation in manufacturing and exporting valves and faucets to Japan, the United States and the EU will help Van Vina learn the most modern valve and hose manufacturing technology from large foreign corporations. Thereby improving R & D R&D capabilities of the company. Learning from the world will help Vina valves to produce and provide the best quality faucets to Vietnamese people. Efforts to export to Japan and globally will contribute foreign currency revenue to the country, creating a "Proud van Viet" as the aspiration of the founders of van Vina.

In order to achieve that goal, Van Vina Joint Stock Company has chosen a path of continuous improvement and capacity building of a streamlined business management organization model according to LEAN standard Japanese style, strongly investing in the field. researching and developing technologies, strengthening intensive cooperation with major and Japanese valve and valve manufacturing groups. We are trying to build businesses that achieve 4 criteria: creativity, competitiveness, differentiation and sustainable development.

For us, youth is the most beautiful time in a person's life, just as young people are the most precious capital of a country, a people. Young people with many dreams, ambitions, enthusiasm and desire to assert themselves are the core force, the assault force at our Van Vina Joint Stock Company. And the young generation of Van Vina is always confident because they have the help of many Vietnamese people who want to build their country stronger and stronger.

With the experience of the leadership and with the youth and enthusiasm of the members of Van Vina Joint Stock Company, we wish to bring all our knowledge and capacity to contribute to the country of Vietnam in general and Customers in particular are increasingly developed and sustainable.