Set of 7 dishes toilets

– Accessories sanitary equipment like other product lines. It is equally important in your daily life. Each device in the set of 7 toilets has a separate use and cannot be replaced.

– In fact, most consumers are equipped with 7 sets of toilets for their own toilets based on the needs of the family. Therefore, on the market today, the line of bathroom accessories, toilets has a lot of diversity. Diversity of types, models, sizes, … bring a lot more choices for modern consumers.

– With each set of sanitary equipment includes basic products such as toilet, washbasin, faucet, shower, mirror, paper box, cup shelf, etc. Therefore, depending on the budget Financial policies of each family that consumers can increase or decrease the number of devices to suit the needs of use.

Set of 7 popular stainless steel toilets
• set of 7 dishes of stainless steel toilets
+ Kit of 7 dishes of stainless steel toilets, including:
– Glass shelves
– Towel rack
– Soap dish racks
– Glass shelves
– Toilet paper box
– Towel ring
– Hanger

+ Characteristics:
– High quality stainless steel, anti-rust, anti-corrosion, resistant to all living water environments.
– Tempered glass is extremely impact resistant.
It is easy to see that most of the sanitary ware in the set of 7 toilets always account for a significant cost for housing projects. Therefore, when looking to buy toilet equipment, most buyers are often consulted with imported products or joint ventures. Because the quality of the product is quite good, the model is also more beautiful and will create a more luxurious, modern home for you.