Single towel rack

Bathroom towel holder pk-3001 – the product that continued the success of the 2001 towel rack with the addition of a stylized stand.

Sp is manufactured using advanced European technology, simple but luxurious design. Brackets oval beautiful design. Used to dry towels, towels in the bathroom to help dry, clean.

Size: 620x85x73 (mm)
Type: Single towel drying rack
Has been certified in accordance with standards of Vietnamese High Quality Goods.
BAO is a reputable brand registered exclusively in Vietnam.
Note when using stainless steel bathroom accessories:
Periodically clean with clean water or dishwashing liquid at least once a month to keep the surface and edges always shiny.
Do not let chemical detergent (eg duck water) stick to the surface of the product. If there is any chemical, please rinse with water, then pat dry with a soft cloth.